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Worthless Check Program

Unlawfully issuing a bad check is a crime.  The Check Enforcement Program assists merchants in recovering losses from intentionally written bad checks.  The Program is FREE to all victims who accept a bad check in Peoria County.

Lt. Molleck Receives Award

Dec 12, 2012

Mark Molleck, a lieutenant with the Peoria County Sheriffs Office, was awarded the Harold D. Brignadello Award by the Peoria County Association of Chiefs of Police (PCACP) at its annual Christmas Awards banquet last Wednesday. The award, named for a State Police lieutenant, is presented to a member of PCACP who best exemplifies the purpose and goals of the Association.

As President of PCACP, Sheriff Michael D. McCoy presented the award to Lt. Molleck, in part for the lieutenants role as Incident Commander in the search for missing Alzheimers patient John Garrett last February. \"Mark coordinated the search which involved members from different law enforcement agencies and Search and Rescue teams from across the state. Well over 200 individuals were involved in the search that lasted more than a week. The efforts put forth by Lt. Molleck and those assisting with the search were tremendous and Im extremely proud to be able to present this award to the leader of those efforts.\"

Lt. Molleck was also recognized for his instrumental role in establishing a Search and Rescue team in Peoria County. The team, created in May, now has 37 trained and certified volunteers who respond to missing person call-outs in Peoria County, neighboring counties, and communities across the state. One such call-out resulted in Peoria County Search and Rescue volunteers locating a 76-year-old Alzheimers patient who had been missing more than 24 hours in Douglas County last July. They found the man in a cornfield, alive but unable to talk.

Lt. Molleck is now working diligently to improve the Search and Rescue teams chances of locating missing persons in Peoria County by becoming involved in Care Trak International, a program that uses a tracking device to hone in on missing persons wearing a personal transmitter. For more information on Care Trak or the Search and Rescue team, please call the Peoria County Sheriffs Office at (309) 697-8515.

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Victim Information and Notification

Victims of crime can use the telephone or Internet to search for information regarding their offenders custody status and register to receive telephone and e-mail notification when their offenders custody status changes.

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