Posted on: February 13, 2018

Public Meetings Regarding Auditor Referendum

Peoria County invites citizens to attend a public meeting to learn about and discuss the referendum on the March 20 ballot regarding changing the office of the Auditor from an elected position to an appointed position. Meeting are as follows:

  • March 12 at 6 pm – Mossville Jr. High/Elementary School, 12207 N Galena Rd., Mossville
  • March 15 at 6 pm – St. Philomena Catholic Church, 1000 W Albany Ave, Peoria

Members of the public looking for speakers or additional information, please call County Administration at (309) 672-6056.


The Peoria County Board voted to include a referendum on the March 20, 2018 primary ballot to change the office of the Auditor from an elected position to an appointed position. It reads:

“Shall the elected Office of the Peoria County Auditor be eliminated, effective December 1, 2018, and replaced with a professional County Auditor qualified and appointed by the County Board with a 5-year term during which such appointed County Auditor can only be removed from office for malfeasance or official misconduct?”

At the January 23, 2018 Executive Committee meeting, the committee was presented a draft new article in the Peoria County Code of Ordinances to govern the position should the referendum pass. It includes rules on qualifications, length of appointment, reporting relationship/independence, duties, and professionalism for the office. The entirety of Article VI County Auditor is available online at http://peoriacounty.org/837/Auditor-Referendum.

The Peoria County Auditor is currently an elected position. Kent Rotherham was appointed to the position in 2017 after the resignation of Carol Van Winkle. He will hold the position until November 30, 2018, when either the position will become an appointed position due to the referendum passing, or if it should fail, a new auditor would be elected on November 6, 2018.

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