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Auditor: Internal Audit Charter

The Peoria County Auditor has entered into a Charter with the Peoria County Board regarding the activities of the elected Auditor in relationship to the Peoria County Audit Committee. The Auditor commits to maintain certain Professional Standards and work with the Audit Committee of the Peoria County Board through the use of standard audit techniques that give reasonable assurance that assets are safeguarded.

The Auditor adopts the stated goals of the Peoria County Board to support a "Financially Solvent County Government", and "Delivering Quality Services in a Professional Manner" with a prime objective of providing independent assurance to the Audit Committee, the County Board, and the Citizens of Peoria County.

It is understood that by the nature of the internal audit function we cannot review and/or see 100% of all actions taken; and there will be occasions wherein actions/activities occur that we cannot/will not find nor control. Internal Audit will, however, review any and all areas of concern by employees that are relevant to the best interests of the County, should they be made known.

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