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Auditor: Fraud and Abuse Hotline

Fraud and Abuse Hotline - 1-866-614-2752 Toll Free - 24/7

The Peoria County Auditor's Fraud and Abuse Hotline provides an anonymous reporting mechanism for employees. While employees are encouraged to contact their appropriate Supervisor, cases may exist in which the employee wishes to remain anonymous. In no way is this meant to subvert the personnel policies or prerogatives of the different departments - rather, it is to provide a means to obtain information when an employee feels uncomfortable or wishes to remain anonymous. The phone number is posted in various locations at the Peoria County Courthouse, one of which is located in the Auditors Office (324 Main Street - Suite G-02, Peoria, IL 61602). Wallet cards with the toll-free number have been and will again be sent to all employees.

An anonymous avenue for reporting Fraud and Abuse is required for publicly-traded companies under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002; I believe this type avenue for anonymous reporting is something to which governmental employees should have access, as well. Powered by the respected firm "THE NETWORK", this 3rd-party type of protected reporting procedure is advocated by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

By increasing the emphasis on strong internal controls systems through a combination of audits to determine compliance with County Board Policies and other auditing standards - while providing an avenue for employees to make anonymous reports regarding issues involving fraud and/or abuse - Peoria County is in the forefront of governmental organizations determined to develop pro-active solutions to Fraud and Abuse.

This Hotline should also be used by Vendors doing business with the County of Peoria; Peoria County Citizens; or individuals who may have tips that would affect Peoria County Government in Fraud and Abuse matters. The site is for fraud and abuse tips involving Peoria County government - not to complain about services (i.e., potholes, taxes, etc.). THE NETWORK will screen those - and they will not be sent to the Auditor. The Peoria County website gives information for the different Departments and how to contact them directly.

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