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Peoria County Coroner Seeks More Space for Bodies

Jan 23, 2012

From the Peoria Journal Star - Though the facility opened just four years ago, it has been stretched to the breaking point with the number of deaths that the office reviews in any given year.

Peoria County Coroner Johnna Ingersoll is asking the County Board to follow through on a request to triple capacity at the facility, which is now set up to only hold three bodies at once awaiting autopsy and later burial.

Anticipating the need, Ingersoll arranged to have money set aside in the budget this year to pay for the $200,000 expansion. She hopes construction can begin \"before it reaches a crisis.\"

Currently five or six deaths in Peoria County per day are reported to the coroner. Not all deaths are reported to her office, but under state law, those that must be reported to the county coroner include: accidental deaths, those under suspicious circumstances, those arising from certain diseases, some that occur while a person is hospitalized or in surgery, and some circumstances involving the elderly. Some, but not all, of those require autopsies and coroners inquests.


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