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Peoria County: Services

Service Website Contact Info
Absentee voting County Clerk 309-672-6070
Administration -- County Administration 309-672-6056
Administration -- Courts Court Administration 309-672-6088
Administration, Peoria Health Department PCCHD Administration Page 679-6101
Adult Immunizations

Immunizations information


Adult probation Adult Probation 309-672-6018
Affidavits Peoria County Sheriff’s Office 309-672-6040
Affordable Care Act Assistance

Affordable Care Act


AIDS HIV/AIDS Program 679-6030
Alimony information Circuit Clerk 309-672-6298
Allied Agencies Allied Agencies 309-672-6341
Americans with Disabilities Act Administration 309-672-6056
Animal Control Animal Protection Services 309-672-2440
Animal Shelter Animal Protection Services 309-672-2440
Annual Reports

Annual Reports


Applications for employment Human Resources 309-672-6947
Appointments County Board 309-672-6056
Archives, records Circuit Clerk 309-672-6024
Assessment appeals Board of Review 309-672-6022
Assessments Supervisor of Assessments 309-672-6910
Assistance in Leaving Abusive Relationship Family Justice Center 309-676-4280
Attorney General Victims Crime Compensation Assistance Family Justice Center 309-676-4280
Auctions Finance Department 309-672-6931
Autopsies Coroner 309-669-2000

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