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County Board: Peoria County Redistricting

Currently, Peoria County has 18 board members and 18 districts: one board member represents one district and each district has approximately the same number of residents. Every 10 years, following a national census, the County Board must address reapportionment and redistricting. According to Illinois law, the Peoria County Board must complete this process prior to July 1, 2011 to ensure autonomy over the decisions. If the Board fails to do so, a County Apportionment Committee will decide the new board districts.

Peoria County Redistricting Information


The County Board can decide to change the number of members representing each district, but all board members shall still represent the same number of residents.

On May 12, 2011, the County Board elected to retain 18 members representing single-member districts.

Redistricting Committee Resolution on District Size

Redistricting Committee Resolution on Single Member per District


Districts are determined based on population and if the population has shifted since the previous census, new board districts must be created to ensure each resident is fairly represented. If one district sees a decrease of 500 residents while another district increases by the same amount, board districts are no longer equal in population and district boundaries must be redrawn to ensure equity.

Peoria County's Redistricting Committee is in the process of considering new district boundaries. Once a map has been created with the proposed boundaries for consideration by the County Board, it will be made available on this website for public viewing.

Comittee Report

On May 25, 2011, the Redistricting Committee unanimously approved the Proposed County Board District Map available here in Adobe PDF format.

The information is also available as a KML for Google Earth file.

Use the map provided below to see whether or not your home will change County Board Districts. This requires a valid street address. Check and Uncheck the boxes to turn on or off the labels and layers. you may also virtually 'move' about the map to compare the new and old boundaries. 

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