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Court Administration: Reporting for Jury Duty

Where Do I Report?

Location: Peoria County Jury Commission
Peoria County Courthouse, Room 204
324 Main Street, Peoria, IL 61602
Telephone #: (309) 672-6076
Fax #: (309) 672-6957
Telephone # for reporting instructions 1-800-984-9986

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What time must I arrive at the jury assembly room?

You will need to call the pre-recorded message at 1-800-984-9986 the evening before the date you have been summoned to appear. This message will tell you which panel numbers have to report and what time you should report.

You may not be required to report each day but you must call the recorded message each evening after 5 p.m. during your week of jury service for reporting instructions regarding the next day of service.

If an illness or emergency prevents your attendance, you are required to call the jury commission office at (309) 672-6076 between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

What is the length of jury service?

Petit jurors serve one week or until an assigned trial is completed. Grand jurors serve 90 days and meet every Tuesday for three months.

Where should I park?

Off street parking is recommended. Effective 09/06/05, parking is on your own; reduced parking rates are available at the Associated Bank parking deck (located on Madison St.) or the Hamilton Square parking deck (located on Hamilton St.) for $3.00 all day and $1.50 half a day. Both parking decks are within one block of the Courthouse. Please bring parking ticket with you for validation.

What can I bring with me to jury service?

The jury process can require a juror to wait a considerable amount of time. For this reason, jurors are encouraged to bring a book or other forms of reading materials with them to the jury assembly room. Cellular phones, pagers, and computers are allowed in the jury assembly room but are not permitted in the courtroom.

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