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Recorder of Deeds: About the Office

In our office you'll find a comprehensive selection of documents dating back to the founding of Peoria County, including:

  • Grantee index from 1825
  • Military discharges from the Civil War forward
  • Maps, including government survey field notes, original land entry, plats and surveys.¬†
  • Aerial photographs from the 1950's
  • Sanborn map 1956 including street address changes, and structural material in buildings¬†
  • Some cemetery records
  • Many mine maps

Peoria County uses a tract index such that the ownership of any parcel can be followed from the orginal surveys to the current day. Indexes are presently maintained on computer with searches available based on name, address, tax PIN, subdivision and document type.

As it our mission to preserve the information contained in the documents we're Recording, there are very few original records on file here.Our charge is to copy the document into our records and return the original to the party designated. To provide for the safety of our Recorded documents, we scan all documents and back up the images to microfilm.

We currently have more than 10 years of records comprised of more than 400,000 files, spanning 120 gigabytes of data online and available for searching, and we're adding more every day.

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