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Peoria County GIS: Home

What is GIS?

GIS stands for geographic information systems and is a form of information technology that allows viewers to interactively explore and analyze geographic data in a map.  GIS involves using mapping software, hardware, and databases in order to create, maintain, and view maps.

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Our Role

The mission of the Peoria County GIS Division is to provide customers with up-to-date geographic information.  GIS can be used in a variety of ways; improving communication, decision making, problem solving, data analysis, zoning, querying addresses and property tax information, and much more.  The Division strives to provide GIS services that are easily accessible and dynamic.


Peoria County GIS - JavaScript/HTML5 (Coming Soon!)

 Peoria County Front Desk

This application uses JavaScript/HTML5 and can be used on any device.  This application can also be used with the most popular internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (9 or higher), and Safari.  Click Here for a training guide or Here for a tutorial video.

**Caution:  This application uses the latest parcel information which is the 2015 tax year.  Property sale information available include: residential only, valid sales only, and from the years 2010-2014.

*10/30/2015:  There is a bug when using Google Chrome 46 (latest version) which causes the browser to crash while using the search tool and zooming to a property.  A fix will not be available until 3-4 weeks.  This bug does not affect other browsers or previous versions of Google Chrome.


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