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Nov 13, 2009 (updated on Nov 13, 2009)

Intern & Updates

June 1, 2009 by mwilliamson


On may 11th The GIS Division welcomed Sarah Semple to our staff. Sarah is from Illinois State Universitys Geography internship program.

Her primary task will be to ?map out? Taxing Districts and create visualizations of the borders of those districts.

Yes, that information is in DEVNET however it is not spatially aligned with Parcels. If all 158 taxing districts goes well, we will then tackle Voter Codes the same way. Because all her work is focused on the County Clerks office, that is where her workstation is.

You can follow all the work we are doing now on the County Intranet and choosing IT Projects in Process from the left-hand menu. We have five major projects listed. Our numerous smaller projects include: gathering and compiling data for the Recycling Department, helping Highway purchase 2 GPS units, Extending the GIS website and insuring it has a failsafe mechanism, map Health Department data, Automate redundancy for the parcel database and several others I cant recall now. As always if you have questions about GIS you can contact me.

CrimeView Community Released

March 4, 2009 by mwilliamson

CrimeView identifies incidence of crime within a particular locale and enhances community awareness by offering access to neighborhood crime mapping details via user-friendly internet queries.

What this statement didn?t say is how involved our GIS system is with this project. Our data is the backbone on which this website depends. We provided all the base layers that are used in the site as well as Address information and technical support. All the crime data pass through our system to be placed on the map. I?m delighted for a project that we?ve been working on for 18 months to get so much notoriety.

The Peoria County Sheriffs Office and the Peoria Police Department collaborated to develop an online crime mapping tool for law enforcement agencies and the general public. At a press conference earlier today, these agencies, along with the Bartonville and Peoria Heights Police Departments, introduced \"CrimeView.\"

2009 will be a big year for GIS at Peoria County

January 20, 2009 by mwilliamson

The first quarter of 2009 will see a few new Peoria area GIS websites rollout to the public. These website are not exclusive to Peoria County. However, we have aided in development, testing and data provision for them. These include a co-operative crime website by the Peoria County Sheriffs Office and the Peoria Police Department. As well as a regional GIS application developed by the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission. I will keep you posted as to when the sites go public.

The GIS Division is looking forward to having a student intern this summer. This will allow existing staff to focus in on some priority projects while not neglecting the existing commitments to ongoing projects. Speaking of projects, we are currently running ESRI?s most current version of ArcGIS (9.3 SP1). This allows for easier maintenance and technical support for the periodic issues that arise from the ESRI software.

Year end statistics have been compiled for the Assessment FrontDesk Application. You can see the executive summary in PDF format.

If you have any GIS related questions or comments, contact Micah Williamson

What Now?

October 1, 2008 by mwilliamson

In the month of September the Assessment FrontDesk Application served 4,500 visitors and nearly 4 Gigs of data. It has been up and sucessfully running for just over a month. You might be wondering what are the next step for Peoria County GIS. In the short-term, I will be upgrading to the newest version of ArcGIS (9.3), asssisting the Health Department with spatially distributing sanitarians, speaking at a statewide GIS conference and squeezing in some application development.

The long-term scope is to ideally have GIS seamlessly integrated into almost all county departments. With the software purchase made over the summer I will be developing applications to address specific needs. Our plans include an expansion of Internet resources needed to act as host to the County area; expanded decision support services like the one used to analyze the best service area for our nursing home; a secure data distribution network for our consortium partners; a live interface to voter and voting district information to support future election and redistricting activities; and a number of other interactive business applications. The next year (2009) will prove to be as active as the last.

Rollout - Assessment FrontDesk Application

August 1, 2008 by mwilliamson

We are about 1-2 weeks away from a full scale rollout of the New GIS Website. I will be having department-wide training of the website for both the Assessors Office and Planning & Zoning during the week of August 11th. You will be notified more about this as plans are firmed up. Then after our staff is done, we can move onto the Board of Review Appointees and Township Assessors the next week. We plan on notifying the press and the public either the last week in August or the first week in September. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

New Intranet Mapping Application

May 8, 2008 by mwilliamson

There is a new mapping website for county employees currently connected to the internal network to try out for testing purposes. This mapping application does quite a bit more than the previous mapping applications, which are still available. This site contains a comparable property search, map mark-up tools, sales and owner history information, even a mailing label tool. **NOTE** this site is not yet generally available to the public, and still in testing beta mode, please use discretion and integrity when viewing the data (of course that is assumed of all county activities). If you or department would like some training on the new testing site please contact me.

New Site Images...

Feb 13, 2008 by mwilliamson

Construction of the *new* Peoria County internet mapping site has been underway for about two months now. Brad Barnell and the rest of the folks down at GIS-Web Solutions have been gracious enough to provide a few screen shots of what the site will look (see right). Keep in mind that the final product might be slightly better and will be delivered to us at the end of March. Then we have to roll it into our system. Be looking for this as an internal application near the end of April.


Jan 4, 2008 by mwilliamson

It is evident to me that there is a need for a repository, of sorts, of pre-made maps. Therefore, I have added a page to this site You can see it named above as Map-Rack. The intent of this addtitional webpage to be your virtual self-service map rack (as are in gas stations). If you have a map that you seem to be printing a lot, let me know and I can post it here. I will also post more maps that I find as I get permission to do so.


Nov 29, 2007 by mwilliamson

We are about to enter into a contract with GIS-Web Solutions that will provide for an expansive GIS online application for our internal customers. This application is both complete and scalable in order to meet the current and future needs of our GIS user base. Upon receipt of the signed contract, GIS-Web Solutions will deliver the product within 90 days. This exciting movement forward will mark the beginning of a complete restructuring of how Peoria County employees see and use GIS.


Oct 12, 2007 by mwilliamson

PeoCoIT GIS Division, to provide our customers with efficient & dynamic geographic information interfaces that are dependable as they are useable. Enabling those customers to utilizing those interfaces to independently achieve the desired answer to their spatial question.

  • Current Data
  • Ease of Use
  • Quickness

Getting started...

June 11, 2007 by mwilliamson

Now that Peoria County has employed a full time GIS manager, there is an expectation of significant improvement in the implementation of GIS on a county-wide basis. This implementation plan will take into account all the existing systems and personnel that will be a vital part of the process. In addition, it will analyze the current relationships that Peoria County IT Services have with the PeoriaGIS staff, its members and other outside organizations.


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