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Peoria County Courthouse, Room 502. Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (309) 672-6056

Peoria County believes public service is more than rhetoric. For us, it's reality. Our employees enrich our community everyday by providing a wide range of vital services at a professional level. With our competitive compensation, benefits packages, and professional development opportunities, Peoria County is the place to turn your ideals about public service into a career calling. Select a link within each quote to learn more about Peoria County or its Public Service, Vision, Community Spirit, and Employee Benefits. To review our postings or apply via our on-line application process, visit our Careers page.

Picture of Thomas O'Neill

"Local government is largely responsible for shaping our community. As a County Board Member, I help make decisions that improve my neighborhood, my home town, and my county. A career in public service has afforded me an active role in providing a safe, healthy community in which to live and raise a family."

- Thomas O'Neill III, 15 years, Peoria County Board Chairman

Picture of Virginia Pearl

"I feel public service is important because it is an opportunity to be part of a working class that is helping to shape issues affecting the health and welfare of our community and our world for the present as well as future generations."

- Virginia Pearl, 23 years, County Administration

Picture of Emily Connors

"I enjoy living in Peoria County because I love having all the accommodations of a major city with a small town feel."

- Emily Connors, 4 years, Health Department

Picture of Doug Gaa"I believe that Peoria County has an exceptional Wellness Benefit and I would encourage all employees and dependants on the County Health Insurance to take advantage of it. Using this benefit can increase the chances of determining health problems or risks in the early stages. Identifying these problems or risks early not only benefits the individual in regards to prognosis, treatment, and cost, but also minimizes expenditures to the health plan, which benefits all participants of the health plan."

- Doug Gaa, 15 years, Peoria County Sheriff's Office

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