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Wellness: Nutrition

Meet the Fats!
Do you know that not all fat is bad fat? In fact, we need a certain amount of fat in our diet. The trick is choosing the right kind and the right amount. The American Heart Association introduces Face the Fats.

Healthy Cooking is Fun!
Pressed for time but don't want to eat fast food? Not sure what types of foods are good for you and your family? The following websites offer delicious, free recipes. Some even teach you how to shop!

Delicious Decisions

Fruits and Veggies…Are You Eating Enough?
Did you know that six baby carrots or 16 grapes count as a half a cup? Did you know that how many fruits and veggies you need to eat depends on your height and weight? Learn more about these, as well as great recipes at Fruits and Veggies Matter.

Area Farmer's Markets
The U of I Extension Office in Peoria has information on nutrition, wellness and local farmer's markets.

Vending Machines
The vending machines in the Courthouse were recently upgraded to allow for better, healthier selections. All proceeds benefit the S.P.I.R.I.T. Committee and go towards employee awards programs.

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