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Human Resources: Vision for Our Future

In this day and age, successful businesses remain so by identifying where they would like to be in the future, establishing a vision based on their findings, and following a plan that complements their vision. Local government is no different; to be successful, we must determine where we see the future of the community we serve. Therefore, the County Board developed a vision statement to serve as a checks and balances system for all future policies, decisions, plans, and actions. If a policy does not meet the standards set forth by our guiding principles, then the policy is not in keeping with our vision for the future and therefore shall not be implemented. The Board also developed a mission statement that defines our desired approach to service within county government.


Peoria County 2025 is a collection of livable, sustainable communities with a strong, growing economy and connectivity within the region and to the world, providing opportunity for all its residents.

Cooperative local governments provide efficient and effective services and are responsive to residents and to community needs.


Peoria County Government is financially sound and provides core county services in a cost-effective manner.

The county has a quality work force and an engaged citizenry.

The county is a regional leader.

Strategic Plan

For more information on the County's Strategic Plan and its top priority agenda items for this year, please visit the County Board web pages.

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