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Peoria County Animal Protection Services (PCAPS) demonstrates a successful partnership between governmental agencies and private organizations. The shelter is operated by the County of Peoria through agreements with the Peoria Humane Society and the Peoria County Veterinary Medical Association and remains the only animal shelter in Peoria County. Through these agreements, PCAPS can:

  • Prevent and control rabies through animal bite investigation and rabies registration.
  • Enforce state, county and city animal control and welfare laws, consistent with your city's level of contractual service.
  • Investigate animal bite reports and cruelty/neglect reports.
  • Operate a shelter for stray and unwanted animals.
  • License dogs and cats.
  • Adopt animals to responsible homes.
  • Euthanize animals that are unwanted or not suitable for adoption.
  • Promote responsible pet-ownership and animal welfare through counseling and law enforcement.
  • Rescue animals that are lost, diseased, injured, or in peril.

PCAPS remains an open admission shelter and accepts every animal that comes to the shelter.  In 2013, PCAPS received more than 2,100 dogs and 2,300 cats. PCAPS handled 185 small companion animals - rabbits, ferrets, birds, guinea pigs, and more.  The shelter also rescued more than 500 wild animals.  While many dogs and cats come to the shelter as strays; nearly 30% are brought to us by owners who no longer want their pets.  The shelter successfully returned 617 dogs and cats to their owners and found new homes for 931.  PCAPS works with a number of area and national rescue groups and transferred 272 animals to these other facilities in 2013. 

Other organizations offer pet-related services as well. The Peoria Humane Society provides humane education, a resource library, community awareness programs, volunteer opportunities, and assistance for pet owners. The Peoria County Veterinary Medical Association spays and neuters shelter animals and, in conjunction with the Peoria Humane Society, offers low-cost spay and neuter services to income-eligible residents of Peoria County.

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