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Peoria County Animal Protection Services takes great pride in our adoption process. The adoption process not only enriches the life of the pet but also of the pet owners that share their homes and hearts with these loving animals. It is with great pleasure to be able to share some of the stories of animals that have been adopted through Peoria County Animal Protection Services.

PAWS Giving Independence, a local group training dogs for people with disabilities, adopts or rescues dogs from shelters for their important programs. In the past year, PGI has adopted two dogs from PCAPS, Buddy and Payton.

Buddy's original owner brought him to the shelter because he would run off. Payton was left overnight in our outside kennels and adopted into one home only to be returned because the adopter lost her job. Fortunately, PGI found both dogs met their requirements to enter into the program and have made great progress.

Recently, PGI visited the shelter with these boys who are still in training. Buddy and Payton demonstrated their new skills in helping people with disabilities. Both dogs have learned to pick up dropped items, open doors, turn off and on lights, and more. These wonderful boys will soon be sent to individuals and live as their pet and their service animal. We're so proud that two dogs from our facility will have such a positive impact on someone's life!

This is the story of Cody the Wonder Dog!


My husband and myself had wanted a dog for a long time, and finally one day I called the Peoria Pekingese Rescue and spoke to Joyce. (At the time we were looking for a peke-a-poo.) Joyce said she didn’t have any peke-a-poos, but that she would take my name and number and keep me in mind. We ended up having a long conversation about dogs and Joyce helped ease my fears about providing a good home for a dog.

That very night Joyce called and said she had just come from a Humane Society Meeting where a precious dog was in attendance. She thought the dog would be perfect for us and if we were interested to give Kitty at PCAPS a call.

The next day (a Friday) I called PCAPS and set up a time to see the little guy (he is about 7 months to 1-year old). He came into the holding room looking like a fur ball with a splint stuck on it! He was also really underweight. I didn’t know a thing about him, except that he was so friendly and loving. I fell in love with him immediately.

My husband went to “meet” him the next day and fell for him as hard as I did! We picked him up the next day (January 21, 2006) and named him Cody. We took him to to buy new dog supplies, and it was really fun for us, especially for my husband, who had never had a pet in his whole life!

We learned that Cody was a stray found on Forrest Hill in Peoria with a broken leg. When they found Cody he wasn’t using the leg at all and thought that maybe he’d been living with the break for a while. Cody must have won the hearts of everyone who met him, because the Peoria Humane Society decided to try to fix the leg. The Dunlap Veterinary Clinic performed the surgery and he has been in a splint for about 6 weeks. Unfortunately, the bones are not healing as they should. Another surgery is going to be performed on Cody to refreshen the break so it can heal. Also, Cody has gained 4 pounds and is getting back to normal!

Cody has been such a gift to us. He has brought us joy that we never expected! At first it broke our hearts to think of him out in the “wild” during the cold months. However, Joyce Lee gave us some good advice. She said, “Don’t think about his past, just think about his present and future!” Well, thanks to the Peoria Humane Society, PCAPS, the Dunlap Animal Clinic, and Joyce, our present and future is very happy!

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