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How To Volunteer

You can help PCAPS in many ways.

Two important ways you can be involved are:







A number of volunteer opportunities exist at the shelter. You can work on behalf of the animals directly through walking dogs, bathing animals, cuddling the cats, feeding treats, or training animals. If you can't work with the animals, you can help with clerical duties, assisting visitors, special events, or collecting donations. We always have special projects as well.

Why volunteer for PCAPS and the Peoria Humane Society?

PCAPS receives more then 7,000 dogs and cats annually who need the special attention volunteers can give. As an animal lover, you can make a difference for the homeless, unwanted and mistreated animals in our community.

What can I do at PCAPS or the Peoria Humane Society?

You can volunteer both directly and indirectly to help animals. Volunteers provide the ‘luxuries’ that the small shelter staff cannot - individual attention, walking outdoors, feeding treats, and generally making the animals more comfortable during their stay. Or, you can advance animal welfare by assisting with pet therapy or kids programs. PCAPS and the Peoria Humane Society also seek volunteers and groups interested in short-term projects. Your special skills can help improve the lives of hundreds of animals by volunteering your time just a few hours a month.

How can I become a volunteer for PCAPS and the Peoria Humane Society?

Talents and interests will be carefully matched. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age and be willing to attend a 2-part orientation and training session. A minimum of a three month commitment must be made to the program. Depending upon the volunteer’s position, hours will vary.

Volunteers must successfully complete an orientation and training session. Our volunteer coordinator conducts several sessions each year. If you would like to volunteer, please call Patti at (309) 672-2440 or e-mail



Wish List


If you can't volunteer, the shelter always needs donations. Here is a printable version of our most current WISH List.
And Thank you!

PAWS needs your help! A contribution of any of the following items helps us care for the nearly 8,000 animals received annually at PAWS. For more information on how you can help, call PAWS at 672-2440. Interested in volunteering? Call our volunteer coordinator at 682-9015.

“Stretch & Scratch” cage scratchers for cats – can be ordered at:
Toilet seat covers/fleece mats - for cats to sleep on.
Science Diet Cat & Kitten food - dry
Science Diet Puppy & Dog food – dry
Canned dog food
Canned cat food
– we especially need canned kitten food!
Dog biscuits - not rawhide
Soft moist dog treats
Kong toys
Plastic cat toys - Busy Balls
Tearless puppy & kitten shampoo
Guinea pig/rabbit/hamster/ferret/rat food - we get these animals too!
Wild bird seed
Liquid laundry detergent
Dishwashing liquid
Paper towels
Latex gloves
Copy paper
– pastel & bright colors and white
Post-It notes
Pre-paid gas cards
– for animal transport
Gift cards to purchase supplies – (e.g. Petco, Petsmart, Walmart)
Aluminum cans - we recycle these for cash! (can be placed in recycle trailer at PAWS)

And, most importantly, you! Volunteers are always needed to walk dogs, cuddle cats, bathe and groom animals for adoption, and all sorts of other projects.

(309) 672-2440
See animals for adoption at or
Peoria Humane Society website:

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