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Healthy Holiday Tips and Gifts

Dec 8, 2015

The Peoria City/County Health Department is offering some simple ideas to make the holidays healthy, safe, and fun.

 Diana Scott, Public Information Officer at Peoria City/County Health Department, states, \"Try these holiday tips and great gift-giving ideas to get yourself and others started on healthy holiday habits. They can be entertaining to give and fun to receive. Have a safe and healthy holiday from the Peoria City/County Health Department.\"

 Practice healthy home safety - test your smoke alarms, practice your home fire drill with your family, get older homes tested for lead paint, give a smoke detector as a gift

  1. Eat well - add more colorful vegetables to your meals, dont overeat, dont skip meals, give a fruit basket as a gift, encourage new moms to breastfeed infants
  2. Get moving - take a family walk, give gift certificates for a dance class, buy skates or a bicycle helmet as a gift, tone your muscles by vacuuming grandmas house once a week
  3. BE SMOKE-FREE - ask others not to smoke around you and the kids, add the Tobacco Quitline 1-866-QUIT-YES number and draw a heart on your holiday cards
  4. Prepare dinner safely - thaw turkey and meat in the refrigerator, keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold, cover and refrigerate leftovers within 2 hours
  5. Wash your hands - use soap and scrub while you sing the birthday song twice, keep small hand sanitizers in the car
  6. Schedule your health and dental exams - get your kids shots up to date; get your flu vaccine now; if travelling, get your foreign travel shots; Get Yourself Tested for STDs
  7. Fasten seat belts while driving - get your child car seat installation checked, give grandpa a child seat for when he drives the child
  8. Dont drink and drive - if you drink, practice moderation, use lots of ice or club soda and then call a cab; give a party  hostess a non-alcoholic bubbly

10. Get plenty of sleep - missed sleep releases hormones that prompt eating and weight gain, watch out for hidden caffeine as in hot chocolate and tea

11. Manage stress and beat the blues - stay active but dont rush, call a friend you havent seen in years, visit with an elderly neighbor, volunteer at a charity event

12. Be prepared - Make an emergency plan, assemble a kit for the home and the car, give hand-crank flashlight/radios as gifts

 For more information on important public health issues, visit the Peoria City/County Health Department website at


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