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Strategic Planning

Peoria City/County Health Department Strategic Plan, 2012 - 2015

Adopted by Board of Health 9-15-12

Download the whole plan document (25 page pdf file)

Our Mission: Through the effective, efficient use of resources, we engage, educate and regulate to promote health, prevent disease, and provide for a safe environment.

Our Vision: A healthy, safe and informed community through collaborative partnerships.

Goals and Strategic Initiatives:

Summary of goals and strategic initiatives of the strategic plan.

Lead and Mobilize Community Health System Stakeholders:

  • Board of Health (BOH) develops policies to support community health improvement initiatives.
  • Strengthen and expand collaboration and partnerships with community health system key stakeholders.
  • Establish best approaches for citizen engagement.
  • Increase public awareness of community health improvement initiatives.

Strengthen the Workforce:

  • Increase staff connections and opportunities for cross-divisional collaborations.
  • Strengthen organizational climate and energize staff through team-building activities.
  • Increase staff expertise, cultural competency and public health knowledge.
  • Create and implement recruitment strategies to promote diversity of the workforce.

Improve Data:

  • Prioritize data to be identified for surveillance and community health initiatives, through coordination of community health system stakeholders.
  • Evaluate current community health system data, collection, analysis and flow.
  • Develop and implement systems for timely, accurate data reporting and dissemination.

Establish Performance Management:

  • Launch performance management system planning.
  • Initiate agency-wide orientation to performance management principles.
  • Complete performance management system plan with engaged and informed workforce.
  • Implement performance management system plan by January 1, 2014 with on-going evaluation of progress.

Strategic Plan Implementation Efforts Summary:

Prioritizing Vital Public Health Functions in a Shifting Political and Fiscal Landscape

Recognizing the current public health opportunities and pressing challenges, the Peoria City/County Health Department is implementing a 3-year strategic plan that will allow the Health Department to lead collaborative and system-based efforts to improve community health in Peoria County. The National Prevention Strategy articulates an overarching goal for the nation’s health in the 21st century, which is “to increase the number of Americans who are healthy at every state of life.” The Peoria County Board of Health responded to this call to action by completing the Public Health Local Governance Self-Assessment in 2011. This assessment provided the Board with an opportunity to re-examine its role, particularly the balance of its administrative duties with its leadership regarding public health policy in Peoria County. Through a strategic planning process, launched in January 2012, the Board and staff critically assessed the current environment and identified the strategic priorities needed to advance its mission to promote health, prevent disease and provide for a safe environment.

We are in an unprecedented period of change and opportunity for the community health system:

  • Our health system is being transformed by a shift to prevention and primary care, along with implementation of the Affordable Care Act;
  • Health challenges facing people living, learning, working and playing in Peoria County are increasingly chronic, requiring a greater focus on systems and policy change; and
  • Technology, particularly health information technology and social media, provide new opportunities to understand, share and improve the public’s health.

The challenges are significant:

  • The worst economic recession since the Great Depression and depleted public resources threatens our ability to carry out the 10 essential services of public health and invest in needed transformation;
  • Increased skepticism about the government’s role and ability restrains public support for full funding of public health activities; and
  • Our workforce requires new skills and strategies to meet public health needs of the 21st century.

Our strategic plan goals will focus our efforts to improve community health. Successful implementation will result in:

  • The Board of Health developing policies to support community health improvement initiatives that effectively promote and improve health;
  • Strengthening and expanding community health system collaborations and partnerships;
  • Increasing public awareness and citizen engagement in community health improvement initiatives – both dissemination of health information, as well as receiving input from multiple audiences;
  • Our well-trained, diverse, enthusiastic workforce serving as a model in the community health system;
  • Staff leading community health system efforts on the use of integrated data sets for assessment, surveillance, and evaluation to identify critical health challenges and best practices;
  • A newly established performance management system, allowing the Health Department to improve quality, and demonstrate accountability for the outcomes of local governmental public health efforts in Peoria County.


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