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Recycling & Conservation: Proposed City-County Landfill Number 3

In December, 2009, the City of Peoria and County of Peoria approved the Landfill Agreement with Peoria Disposal Company to operate the Peoria City/County Landfill #3 (PCCL#3).


The city and county jointly own a municipal waste landfill in Edwards, Illinois. The current facility—PCCL#2—is a 60 acre landfill with a capacity of about 7 million cubic yards of space, which is estimated to be filled between 2014-2018. The City and County Landfill Committee (“Committee”) oversees the operations of the facility. The Committee is comprised of two City Council members, two County Board members, two at-large representatives, and a chairperson. The Committee worked with City and County staff to prepare a Request for Qualifications document to select a vendor to operate the new facility—PCCL#3, which will have a minimum of 10 million cubic yards of landfill space. In November, 2009, the Committee approved a landfill agreement with Peoria Disposal Company for the life of the facility.

The agenda and minutes of the Landfill Committee can be found at the Landfill Committee website.

The County Regional Pollution Control Site Hearing Committee ("RPCSH" aka landfill siting) met on July 7, 2011 to establish the public hearing required by state regulations and adopt Rules of Order for said Hearing.

  • Public Hearing will take place at the Grand Hotel, 4400 N. Brandywine Drive, Peoria on the following days:
    • Monday, August 29 from 9am-5pm
    • Tuesday, August 30 from 9am-5pm
    • Wednesday, August 31 from 9am-5pm (if necessary)
    • Wednesday, August 31 from 6pm until all have been heard for public comment
    • Thursday, September 1 from 9am-5pm (if necessary)
  • Other dates for the RPCSH Committee meetings were tentatively set to be held in the County Board Room on:
    • September 8 @ 4pm for staff report, or within 20 days of close of public hearing
    • October 13 @ 3pm to develop findings of fact and a recommendation
      NOTICE OF TIME CHANGE: Meeting on 10/13/11 will begin @ 3pm
  • The date for the County Board to act on the Committee's recommendation is scheduled for November 10 @ the regular County Board meeting.
  • The Committee amended the Rules of Order to allow "authorized representatives" to represent a group or organization without being a licensed attorney. Members of public requested the opportunity to participate in the process while minimizing expenses of a paid attorney. Mr. Brown, outside legal counsel, prepared an amendment that is practiced by other municipalities in these type of situations.
  • All information is available on the County's website (landfill expansion process tab) and public comments can be electronically submitted to in addition to mailing to the County Clerks Office.

Public comment is welcome via email at

Amended Rules of Order

Public Hearing Registration Forms:
For Attorneys

For Participants - any person wishing to participate in the hearing process, other than an observer, shall complete a Participant Registration Form which serves as notification of intent to present testimony and/or evident. Form must be filed with the County Clerk prior to the start of the first day of the Public Hearing. The Form will also be available at the Public Hearing for those wishing to provide Public Comment.

Any person may appear personally on their own behalf, by an attorney licensed in the State of Illinois, or by an authorized representative at the Public Hearing. An “authorized representative” shall include the following:
a. An officer of a corporation who presents a duly executed resolution of the Board of Directors authorizing the officer to act in a representative capacity at the Public Hearing;
b. A general partner of a partnership;
c. A natural person who is authorized by a group or organization to represent the group or organization at the Public Hearing.

An authorized representative must file proof of authorization with the Clerk at least three (3) days prior to the start of the Public Hearing. There shall be no particular form required, however all authorizations must clearly identify the group or organization represented (name, address, and phone number), the authorized representative (name, address, and phone number), be signed by an officer, director or board member of the group or organization represented, and specify that the representative has the authority to act on behalf of the group or organization at the Public Hearing.

NOTE: All written reports, studies, exhibits or other evidence or copies thereof, other than testimony, which any person desires to submit for the record and consideration at the Public Hearing must be filed with the County Clerk at least ten (10) days before the start of the Public Hearing. The deadline is 5 p.m. Friday, August 19, 2011.

The following documents are available in Adobe portable document format; should you need one, a reader is available free from the Adobe site.

Some of the files are large and may take some time to download depending on the speed of your connection. For best results, please right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" to download the file to your computer, then open the file from your system.

Landfill Agreement

Peoria City/County Landfill #3 Siting Process

County Board Minutes - November 10, 2011

Additional exhibits:

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

RFQ Questions & Answers (Addendum #1)

RFQ Questions & Answers (Addendum #2)

Peoria Disposal Company Response to RFQ (Large file, appx 65 mb) 

Escrow Agreement

Foth Response to Public Comments on Proposed Landfill Expansion (updated 12/7/09)

PDC Response to Public Comments on the Proposed Expansion Contract

Peoria County Recycling Response to Public Comments on Proposed Landfill Expansion

Peoria County Resolution - Policy Statement on delisted waste

Procedures for General Refuse and Special Waste Received at PCCL

Special Waste Procedures memorandum from Patrick Sloan, Foth (12/8/09)

Proposed Site Investigation Plan (Dec. 2009)

Public Comments Regarding Site Investigation

PDC/Shaw Response to Site Investigation Public Comments (1/15/2010)

PDC/Shaw Response to Additional Site Investigation Public Comments (1/18/2010)

Site Investigation Powerpoint Presentation (January 2010)

Landfill 3 - Site Investigation Update Powerpoint Presentation (November 2010)

Design Overview Powerpoint Presentation (1/19/2011)

Landfill 3 - Criteria 1 (Need), 4 (Floodplain), and 9 (Reg. Recharge) Powerpoint Presentation (February 2011)

Host Community Agreement - January 2011

Landfill 3 - Criteria 2, 3, 5, 7, & 8 Powerpoint Presentation (March 2011)

Landfill 3 - Expansion overview powerpoint (April 2011)

Landfill 3 - Criteria 6 (Traffic) and Citizens Convenience Center powerpoint (April 2011)

Notice of Request for Site Location Approval

Peoria County Siting Ordinance for Pollution Control Facilities

Application for Local Siting Approval

Landfill Operating Record

Application for IEPA Approval

Documents and Comments Filed

Some of these files are large and may take some time to download depending on the speed of your connection. For best results, please right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" to download the file to your computer, then open the file from your system.

Week Ending 7/8/2011

Week Ending 7/15/2011

Week Ending 8/12/2011

Week Ending 8/19/2011

Filed as of 8/22/2011

Filed as of 8/23/2011

Public Hearing Transcripts Filed 9/7/2011

Filed as of 9/02/2011

Filed as of 9/09/2011

Filed as of 9/16/2011

Brief of PCCLI

Filed as of 9/20/2011 - includes Staff Report

Filed as of 9/30/2011

Filed as of 10/28/2011

Filed as of 11/02/2011

Filed as of 11/11/2011

Filed as of 11/14/2011

Filed as of 11/18/2011

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