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Recycling & Conservation: Sustainability Plan

2014 Achievement Award WinnerPeoria County was awarded a 2014 Achievement Award  from the National Association of Counties (NaCo)  for our submission "Becoming a Leader in Sustainability "  in the Environmental Protection and Energy category.  This award recognizes the County's achievements implementing our internal sustainability plan . 


In 2010, the County Board identified sustainability as a top priority item for management on its annual Strategic Plan. As a result, a sustainability team of County employees and members of the environmental community was formed to develop an internal sustainability plan that meets the board's strategic goals of a 1.) Safe and Healthy Community, 2.) High Performing Public Organization, and 3.) High Quality Public Facilities.

After months of hard work identifying green initiatives already undertaken, opportunities for becoming more sustainable, and cost implications of implementing a new plan, the Sustainability Team submitted Peoria County's new Sustainability Plan for County Board approval on August 11, 2011. The adopted plan enables Peoria County to conduct the business of local government in a manner that minimizes environmental impact while maximizing cultural, social, and financial resources.

The County's internal sustainability plan focuses on the following six elements as they pertain to government operations:

  • Buildings and Construction
  • Operations
  • Land Use
  • Purchasing
  • Employees
  • Solid Waste

Upon adoption, the Sustainability Team immediately began implementing action items for each element of the plan, including the formation of an internal Green CREW (Conserving Resources and Educating Workers) comprised of County employees who address the "Employees" element by encouraging co-workers to adopt more sustainable habits.

Please review the Sustainability Plan for details on the "Employees" initiatives or to read the plan in its entirety.

 2013 Sustainability Progress Report

 2015 Sustainability Progress Report


Peoria County's Sustainability Team:

Brian Brown
Juvenile Detention Center

Amy McLaren

Becca Cottrell
Recycling & Resource Conservation

Karen Raithel
Recycling & Resource Conservation

Rick Fox
Global Warming Solutions

Jim Smith

Jenny Fulton
County Administration

Scott Sorrel
County Administration

Joyce Harant
Global Warming Solutions

Carol Van Winkle
County Auditor

Rick Kolowski
Facilities & Ground Operations

Julie Young
Planning & Zoning

Saman McCandless
Global Warming Solutions

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