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Regional Office of Education: GED

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2014 GED Test Information

The 2014 GED test represents the fifth version of the GED test since its introduction in 1942.   The 2014 GED test is computer-based and only offered in authorized testing centers and not available online.  The Peoria County Regional Office of Education is an authorized Pearson Vue Test Center for the GED Test and many other tests offered by Pearson Vue.  The 2014 GED test is available in English and Spanish.

2014 Test Modules                  Module Length                  Module Fee

Mathematical Reasoning                    115 minutes                         $30.00

Reasoning through Language Arts    150 minutes                        $30.00

Science                                               90 minutes                         $30.00

Social Studies                                     90 minutes                         $30.00


2014 Test Scoring Info:  The 2014 GED test has a passing score of 150 for each subject.  Testers will need to score at least 150 on each subject and a total score of 600 or higher on the four test modules in order to receive a GED diploma.  Testers may also earn an "Honors" score if they receive a score of 170 or higher in any subject.  The scoring per test subject breaks down as follows:

*Below Passing 100-149

*Passing Score 150-169

*Honors Passing Score 170-200


Registration and Scheduling:    GED testers can register for the 2014 GED test online at  If you have questions or problems registering, please call 1-877-EXAM-GED or 1-877-392-6433. The 2014 GED test has four test modules.  Testers are not required to take all test modules in one exam appointment.  Testers can choose to take the test modules in several appointments. Testers must reschedule and cancel test appointments via the website at least 24 hours before the appointment.  Testers who attempt to reschedule or cancel their appointment less than 24 hours from their appointment will forfeit their test fees.


Registration Process for 17 year olds:   During the online registration process, when a tester indicates that they are 17 years old, their registration is put on hold and they are sent an Exception Letter email notifying them to provide a withdrawal/drop letter from the high school they last attended.   After the letter is received by Illinois Community College Board, the application will be approved.  The tester will then receive an email notifying them that they can continue with their registration.

Special Accommodations for Disabilities:   In order to apply for accommodations, testers should first create an account at and then complete the GED Testing Service Registration Form and state/jurisdiction form.  On the GED Test Service Registration Form, you should select YES on the question that asks about testing modifications based upon a documented disability or disorder.  Once the registration papers are completed, you will receive an email providing a link to the forms and directions where to submit documentation.  Requests will be reviewed within 30 days and the decision sent via email to the tester.

It is recommended that testers start this procedure at least 60 days in advance of their desired test date.   Qualified professionals must submit specific documentation.   Procedures are described at

Retesting:   Testers who don't pass a subject can retest that subject twice (within 12 months of the initial test) for $10 per retest.  If they still have not passed that subject, they must wait 60 days before retesting that subject again.

Free GED Preparation Classes:   Classes can be scheduled at a variety of times and locations.   Classes cover all GED content areas including the constitution.   Classes are available for all Reading and Math levels.   All classes are offered at no cost to you.

Illinois Central College - GED Office:  309.694.5240 - A recording tells you when next session of GED classes begin.   Classes meet in many convenient locations.

Common Place:   514 S. Shelley, Peoria IL  61605.   Call 309.674.3315 for information.  Orientation and classes start every two weeks.

Moonlight Coalition for Adult Learning:  Call 309.256.7436 for information.   Two locations:

Proctor Recreation Center:   309 S. DuSable, Peoria IL  61605
Logan Recreation Center:   1414 S. Livingston, Peoria IL  61605

The downtown Peoria Public Library:   Offers a free GED preparation program online.  You must have a Peoria Public Library Card and internet access.   Contact the library at 309.497.2000 or for more information.   They also have the new GED study books.

Practice Tests & Study Materials:   GED Ready, the official practice test is also available on the MyGED portal.    The GED Ready practice tests are available online for $6.00 per subject.  GED Ready is available in English or Spanish.   More than 95% of GED Ready testers who scored in "Likely to Pass" score range passed that subject on the actual GED test. 

In addition to GED Ready, it is important that testers experience the computer's embedded calculator and new item types before testing.   These tutorials and other important resources are available for testers signed up for My GED at

GED Marketplace is an e-commerce site featuring more than 100 products for learners at all levels and interests.   The site includes material to help adults with basic skills programs and computer skills training, and it offers the GED Ready Practice Test online.

GED Constitution Test Requirements:   The passing of high school level Illinois and U.S. Constitution Tests is also required by law for a GED.   If you have already passed the Illinois Constitution test and the U.S. Constitution test, you need to provide your county's Regional Office of Education with proof.   The proof can be a letter from the authorized adult education center or high school transcripts showing both Illinois and U.S.  Constitution tests passed.

If you have not yet taken the high school level constitution tests, please contact your Regional Office of Education (Peoria County ROE at 672-6906) for information where you can take these tests.

After completing the GED Test:   After you have passed all 4 test modules with a score of 150 or higher and passed the Illinois and U.S. Constitution Tests, you need to provide proof of passing both the constitution tests to your Regional Office of Education (based on the county you live in) and request your Illinois High School Equivalency Certificate for $10.00 cash.


Much more GED test information is available online at the MyGED portal at Http://    


Disclaimer:  The information on this web site is provided as a courtesy for GED testers.   Information included here is subject to change without notice.  We will attempt to keep this web site current.  This Regional Office of Education is not responsible for any problems caused by wrong information.  

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