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Regional Office of Education: In-house Services

Name of Service Contact
Area III Learning Technology Center John Closen
Bookkeeper Anita Dempsey
Certification, Teacher & Administrator Jennifer Yoder
Fingerprint Background Check Deb Darrow
GED Deb Darrow
Health/Life Safety Matt Brown
Home Schooling Matt Brown
Homeless Program Mary Ellen Ulrich
Hospital Tutoring Deb Darrow
Illinois Virtual School Cindy Hamblin
Jail GED Program Diann Duke
LVA Project UPWARD Dottie Gibson
Office of Children and Community Service Larry Hendricks
PERFECT Chris Kendall
Peoria County Cooperative Purchasing Connie Frank
Peoria Regional High School Randy Stueve
School Bus Driver Courses Matt Brown
Spring Celebration Mary Rous
TARGET Oliver Mack
PROE Center (309) 673.1040
Work Permits ROE Staff (309) 672.6906

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