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The Peoria County Sheriff's Office is now on Facebook. Become a fan at The PCSO is also on Twitter. Follow us at Get important news about road closures, wanted criminals, Amber Alerts, and emergency information.

Peoria County Sheriff’s Office: Jail and Inmate Info

Should a family member or friend be incarcerated at the Peoria County Jail, the following information may assist you:

Video Visiting




All visits are scheduled in advance. You must sign up in person with a valid photo I.D. Acceptable identification must have a DATE OF BIRTH, EXPIRATION DATE, AND PHOTOGRAPH; preferably a State ID or Drivers License, F.O.I.D. Cards, Passport, etc are also acceptable. School ID's are {NOT} acceptable. Must be in English. Visits must be scheduled 1 day in advance and may be scheduled up to fourteen days in the future.

  1. Visits must be Scheduled or Cancelled in person. Age 16 and over require a {Valid Photo ID to visit}. Ages 0-17 must be accompanied by an adult while visiting. All persons, including babies count as a person and must be signed up.
  2. Inmates are only allowed one {1} 20-minute visiting session per week.
  3. An inmate must be in custody seven {7} days before a visit is allowed.
  4. Only three {3} individuals can visit an inmate in any one {1} visiting session.
  5. The New Visiting Week Starts on Sunday.
  6. Please arrive approximately 20 Minutes prior to your scheduled visit time. The first visit of the day starts at 9:00 a.m. and the last visit of the day starts at 7:30 p.m. Some time slots have been blocked due to shift changes, meals, etc.
  7. Hanging up the handset will stop the visit and it will not be restarted.
  8. Visits May Be Monitored or Recorded.
  9. No Cell Phones Are Allowed.
  10. Staff Can Stop the Visit If Necessary.
  11. Persons NOT Visiting Are Not Allowed In Or Around the Visiting Area.
  12. No Food or Drinks Allowed in the Visiting Booths.
  13. If You Exit the Visiting Station, You May Not Return.
  14. Visitors Must Wear Appropriate Clothing; Visitors Wearing Clothing Deemed Inappropriate Will Be Asked to Change into Something Suitable or Asked to Leave and Denied a Visit. If you Constantly Wear Clothing Such as This, You Will Be Denied a Visit.
  15. Please Report Any Problems with the Equipment to the Staff on Duty.
  16. Visitors Should Watch Their Language. This is a Public Facility and Children are often Present during Visiting.
  17. Visitors are Expected to Follow All of the Listed Rules and Conduct Themselves in a Respectful and Suitable Manner. Unruly Visitors will be Asked to Leave and Denied a Visit. In Extreme Cases, You Will be Banned from Visiting Temporarily or Permanently.
  18. Be Courteous to the Staff; They have Many Duties to Perform.




Personal Items for Inmates

When leaving any items for an inmate, a valid ID is required. A copy of your ID will be made for items other than money left for inmates. Money can not be taken off of an inmate's books.
An inmate is allowed to receive:
          MALES       ~ three (3) pairs of boxers (no briefs or boxer-briefs)
          FEMALES    ~ three (3) bras and three (3) panties
No buttons, snaps, etc. are allowed on underwear. Bras may not contain under wires or any other hard materials. They must be in original packaging and unopened. Opened packaging will not be taken.

Prescription Medicine is acceptable, as are eyeglasses, contacts, and contact solution.

Books can not be left for inmates, but inmates can receive a newspaper subscription directly from the newspaper company. Mail must be sent through the postal service.

Cash is Accepted in Person only. Do Not Mail Cash.

Money Orders and Cashier's Checks should be made Payable to the Inmate and may be Delivered in Person or Mailed through the U.S. Postal Service.


Questions can be addressed to the Deputy Corrections Superintendent on duty.
Due to unforeseen problems, visiting may be cancelled without notice.
If you experience problems during visits, please contact Assistant Correctional Superintendent at 697-7810 or the Jail Superintendent at 697-7828.
Thank you for your cooperation



Commissary is held once per week, on Wednesday. Should you wish to drop off money for an inmate to use for commissary, you need to do so prior to 8:00 p.m. on the Sunday before the next Wednesday commissary. Cash is accepted in person only. Do not mail cash. Money orders and cashiers checks should be made payable to the inmate and may be delivered in person or mailed through the U.S. Postal Service.

Bond Money

Bond money, in the form of cash, money order, or cashiers check, is accepted 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In addition to the bond, a bonding fee is assessed to process the paperwork.


To send mail to an Inmate, address it in the following manner:

(Inmate's Name)
c/o Peoria County Jail
301 N. Maxwell Road
Peoria, IL 61604

Please note that all incoming Inmate mail will be opened and inspected for contraband, but not read.

Featured Content

Connect with the Sheriff on Facebook

The Peoria County Sheriff's Office is now on Facebook. Become a fan at The PCSO is also on Twitter. Follow us at Get important news about road closures, wanted criminals, Amber Alerts, and emergency information.

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