Peoria County Flag

Design by Aaron Broomfield

Peoria County Flag


The Illinois River is featured prominently in the bottom right corner to symbolize how our region’s growth flows from this resource. The yellow circle and the blue border form the letter “P,” representative of the County’s name. Blue represents water and the natural resources in our county. Green stands for our agricultural roots, an industry that is still significant in the area. Gold symbolizes our innovation across all industries in Peoria County.


The Peoria County Flag design was submitted by resident Aaron Broomfield during a community-wide contest. Of the three finalists, his design garnered 60% of the more than 1700 votes cast, and it was unveiled to the public at the Peoria Riverfront Museum on October 22, 2022. The flag was officially adopted at the November 10, 2022, Peoria County Board meeting.

The Peoria County Flag design is available for free and fair use, with anyone having the right to freely download and use the design. Peoria Flag and Decorating and the Peoria Riverfront Museum plan on having the flag available for purchase.

Peoria County Flag Downloads

Pride and Juneteenth Versions of the Peoria County Flag


Peoria County Juneteenth Flag (JPG)