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Sustainability News

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Wanda the Worm is the Sustainability and Resource Conservation Department's mascot. You can follow her antics on Twitter, where she gives out composting and recycling tips.

Community Programs

The Sustainability and Resource Conservation Department supports recycling in our community and offers free presentations to schools, civic groups, and businesses to promote the 5 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink, and Rebuy). The length of programs is flexible to meet your time needs. Call Rebecca Cottrell at 309-679-6131 to set up a presentation.

Program Topics

Recycling Bins for Loan

Having an event and would like marked recycling containers? We have them available to borrow! Contact Call Rebecca Cottrell at 309-679-6131.

Educational Programs

The Sustainability and Resource Conservation Team have put together educational videos and activities to increase students' knowledge of the recycling process as well as the materials that can and cannot be recycled. 

Program Topics

  • Recycling Video
    • Activity: What's Going On In There? by Geoffrey Grahn
      • This is a fun book that has students guessing about what is going on in buildings around town. It is a great discussion piece after watching the Recycling video because you can have students guess what natural resources or recycled materials were used to manufacture some of the end products mentioned in the video or even in the classroom. 
  • Paper Video
  • Plastic Video

School Recycling & Waste Reduction Grants Available

Peoria County's Office of Sustainability and Resource Conservation Department is offering School Recycling/Waste Reduction grants. Schools within Peoria County may apply to receive up to $300 in waste reduction materials, or $600 if a school representative attends a waste reduction workshop presented by Peoria County's recycling educator.

Waste reduction materials and resources will help schools become more active participants in our community's waste reduction efforts. Grant items include lapboards, worksheet covers, various recycling and compost bins, and field trip funds. For more information call 309-679-6131.

Additional Resources

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Students and teachers can get homework resources, classroom project ideas, and more from the EPA website.

Americans want to help protect and improve the nation's land, water, and air. "GoGreen" is a monthly newsletter from the U.S. EPA summarizing recent news and info you can use to make a difference in your home, community, or workplace.