Tax Extension Information

After the Tax Assessor sets the value of properties and before the County Treasurer mails the tax bills and collects the taxes, the County Clerk's office performs a series of calculations.

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Tax Extension

Once the amounts of the levies for each of the taxing bodies have been set, the County Clerk tax staff calculates and applies (extends) the tax rate for each taxing district which is applied to each property. This information is sent to the County Treasurer whose office prepares and mails each tax bill.

Tax Levy, Valuation & Rate Information

Once a specific tax year is selected (a tax year is one year behind the calendar year in which the taxes are collected), you may search for a specific taxing body or fund by typing the name in the "Find" box at the top of the page. Current tax levy, valuation and rate information will be posted by May 15th of each calendar year. View Tax Computation Reports

Delinquent Property Tax Redemption

If the taxes on a parcel of land are not paid, they become delinquent. The County Treasurer conducts a sale of the unpaid taxes every year for the property in delinquency. Once the tax sale is complete, the County Clerk is responsible for receiving payment of delinquent taxes. It is important to note that property owners do not immediately lose their ownership of the property. For property owners residing on the property, the owners have two and a half years during which to redeem their property and protect their interest. To find out if a property has delinquent taxes, and the amount owed, please visit Peoria County Property Tax Information.

Tax Certificate Program

In 1986, the County Clerk's office pioneered an innovative program where the County acts as a tax purchaser to collect delinquent taxes. Since then we have recovered millions of dollars of which nearly two-thirds has been distributed to the taxing districts, with the remainder retained by the County. That money has funded many essential programs and activities that would not have been available without the Tax Certificate Program.