Resource Management Plan Update

Peoria County adopted a Solid Waste Management Plan in 1991 to meet the regulations as adopted in the State's Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Act. It is the purpose of this Act to provide incentives for decreased generation of municipal waste, to require certain counties to develop comprehensive waste management plans that place substantial emphasis on recycling and other alternatives to landfills, to encourage municipal recycling and source reduction, and to promote composting of yard waste.

As we plan for the next 20 years of how to manage our wastes generated by residents, businesses, and industrial processes. A substantial portion of our "waste" is considered a resource as metals, plastics, paper and plastics can be recycled into new feedstock reducing the need to unnecessarily use our natural resources for virgin feedstock.

An Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee representing many of the stakeholders has been selected to provide expertise in compiling a resource management plan to educate and raise awareness and encourage programs to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

New Revisions Sheet

On February 12, 2015 the Advisory Committee met to discuss the written comments submitted and collaborated on what issues to include in the plan. You can find the revisions (PDF) here.

View the written public comments submitted (PDF).

Peoria County Resource Management Plan (Committee Version) is divided into 3 groups for faster download time.

Illinois Task Force on the Advancement of Materials Recycling

The Illinois Task Force on the Advancement of Materials Recycling (PDF) was formed after Governor Quinn signed HB 4986 establishing the Task Force for the purpose of reviewing recycling and solid waste management planning in Illinois. Task Force appointees began meeting in June 2013 to analyze recycling and waste management policies, initiatives and funding in Illinois. They are required to report their findings and recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly in early 2015.

The task force's work includes a review of:

  • County recycling and waste management planning
  • Current and potential policies and initiatives in Illinois for waste
    reduction, recycling, composting and reuse
  • Funding for State and local oversight and regulation of recycling activities
  • Funding for State and local support of projects that advance solid waste reduction
  • The proper management of household hazardous waste

The review also includes an evaluation of the extent to which materials with economic value are lost to landfills, and the group is expected to recommend ways to maximize the productive use of waste materials through materials recycling and composting. The task force will prepare a report that summarizes its work and makes recommendations resulting from its study.