Greetings from Nicole Bjerke, Peoria County Treasurer

Thank you to the taxpayers of Peoria County who demonstrated much patience as we navigated 2020 as the COVID year with office closures and disruptions. I am happy to report that we are back to normal business operations and hours. Our office is open 8:30-5:00 Monday through Friday with no closures over the lunch hour. You may visit our office during those hours or you can contact the office with any of the methods listed below. Please remember, we are still practicing social distancing and mask protocols to keep everyone safe.

Different ways to reach the office:

Nicole Demetreas, Treasurer

Nicole Bjerke
Peoria County Treasurer

The Treasurer is an elected official with a four-year term. The duties of the Treasurer’s Office include receipt, management, and disbursement of public funds, as well as collection, management, and distribution of property taxes levied by various units of local government. The office has the responsibility of collecting real estate taxes two times each year. 

Nicole Bjerke was appointed Peoria County Treasurer in 2017 and was then elected in November 2018. Nicole was previously the Chief Deputy County Treasurer for more than 16 years. Nicole was recently married and changed her name from Demetreas to Bjerke.