Highway Department

The Peoria County Highway Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all County roads and bridges, as well as other roads upon which the Highway Department performs operations by agreement.

Service Requests

To report a problem on a County Highway, or to request a repair to road, driveway, or culvert, please contact us at pchighway@peoriacounty.org  or call our Maintenance Office at 309-697-6400, extension 142.

IDOT Road Conditions

To determine the road conditions across the State of Illinois, call 1-800-452-4368 or visit the IDOT Webpage.


The Highway Department maintenance staff:

  • Plows snow
  • Patches potholes
  • Maintains and replaces culverts, manholes, and inlets
  • Mows ditches
  • Clears brush from the right of way
  • Performs pavement maintenance and seal coating
  • Repairs guardrails
  • Maintains signs


The Highway Department engineering staff:

  • Performs administrative functions
  • Designs road improvement projects
  • Supervises and inspects construction projects
  • Performs bridge inspections on county highways and township roads

The engineering staff also assists the Township Road Commissioners and administers Township Motor Fuel Tax Funds.


The Highway Department also houses the Peoria County Fleet Department, who maintains the entire fleet of vehicles and equipment owned by Peoria County.