Construction Projects

The Peoria County Highway Department's main objective is to maintain our current infrastructure. The Department also assists the Townships with their construction projects. The Department replaces a number of bridges and culverts with either a contractor or Highway Department personnel each year. Additionally, the Department contracts out overlays and complete road reconstruction projects as funding sources allow.

Current Projects

Provided below are construction projects that are currently being overseen by the Peoria County Highway Department. The listing for each project will show when the work will begin and will also show the approximate completion date. Please remember that construction is dependent on numerous factors such as weather and unforeseen conditions. Completion dates can be affected greatly by these factors. Each project will be updated on a weekly basis so the public can keep informed of the progress of each project.

2023 Peoria County Sealcoat Operations:

As part of our ongoing efforts, sealcoating plays a vital role in preserving the longevity and durability of the road surfaces. Sealcoating involves the application of a protective sealant, which acts as a barrier against various elements like harsh weather, traffic wear, and UV rays. By proactively sealing the asphalt, we can prevent cracks and other forms of damage, ultimately reducing the need for more extensive repairs and saving taxpayer funds.

However, we understand that during the sealcoating process and the immediate aftermath, there may be temporary hazards for drivers. Freshly applied sealcoat can result in a slippery surface, especially during the curing period. Loose gravel may also be present, affecting tire grip and vehicle stability. Additionally, the process may produce dust, temporarily reducing visibility for drivers.

To ensure your safety and the safety of fellow road users, we kindly ask for your cooperation and vigilance when driving through sealcoat road zones. Reduce your speed to improve traction and control, maintain a safe following distance to allow sufficient braking distance, and avoid abrupt maneuvers. Pay close attention to posted signs, flaggers, and construction crews who provide important guidance and directions in these areas. Please exercise patience during the curing period, as it may take some time for the sealcoat to fully set and become effective in protecting the road surface.

Week of Sept. 4:

  1. Shissler Road -  (Between Brimfield Road and Bell School Road)
  2. Brimfield Jubilee Road - (Between Maher Road and Princeville Jubilee)
  3. Princeville Jubilee - (Between US Rt. 150 and US Rt. 90)


For further information, please contact the Peoria County Highway Department at 309-697-6400, ext. 0.

Local Agency Information

Don't see the project below, or not sure who manages your road? You can input your address into our Road Support Services Map to determine which local agency is responsible for your road.