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A budget is a financial plan that shows how much money will be available, where it comes from, and how it will be used in a given time frame. Peoria County's fiscal year is January 1-December 31. Our finance department prepares the budget with direction from the County Board and County Administrator. Our budget is a tool for implementing the policies adopted by a governing body. It provides financial and operational direction, facilitates decision-making, and controls the activities and expenditures of government. A well-defined, sound budgeting process is an indispensable component of an economical and efficient local government.

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2020 Budget Book Cover

The fiscal year 2020 Recommended Budget was published by the Peoria County Administrator and his team on November 18, 2019. Hard copies may be obtained upon request through the Finance Department.

2020 Peoria County Recommended Budget

Previous Budgets (Archive)

2020 Budget in Brief

coming January 2020

2020 Capital Improvement Plan

Once available in mid-December, the 2020 Capital Improvement Plan and Capital Budget with Individual Project Sheets may be reviewed online and hard copies can be made available upon request. If you would like a hard copy, please submit your request to the Finance Department.