Oversize / Overweight Moving Permit

Oversize / Overweight moving permit application forms and the General Provisions for the permit are available below for download. Please submit the permit electronically or fax to the office at 309-697-6446 for movements on Peoria County Highways.  Please call the office at 309-697-6400 ext. 0 with questions.

Oversize / Overweight Permit Application

General Provisions

Utility Permit

Utility Permit application forms are available below for download.  This permit is used to grant permission for utility companies to install, repair, or replace utilities on Peoria County Highway Right of Way.  Please submit the permit electronically or mail to the Peoria County Highway Department at 6915 W. Plank Road, Peoria, IL  61604.  Please call the office at 309-697-6400, ext. 0 with questions.

Utility Permit

Entrance Permit

If you plan on constructing a new commercial, residential, or field access onto a county road, you are required to submit an entrance permit application to the Highway Department for approval before beginning construction. If the access you propose is onto a state, municipality, or township roadway, you will need to contact those government officials prior to construction. View links to IDOT and some area Peoria County municipalities. 

Please submit the permit application electronically, and you will be contacted by the Highway Department once your application has been reviewed and the fee has been determined.

All applicants must read the Peoria County Entrance Permit Conditions and Restrictions before applying for an entrance permit.

Entrance Permit Conditions and Restrictions

Entrance Permit Application

Permit Number Key (Office Use Only)