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  • Vendors are strongly encouraged to submit a bid registration form (PDF) in order to receive any additional information (addenda) regarding that specific bid. This form can be sent to the Finance Department by postal mail, email, or fax.
  • Vendors who download the bid/RFP packet should view the folder to see if any addenda have been issued.
  • Any requests for current bid/RFP documents or questions regarding a bid must be submitted in writing, and can be sent via postal mail, emailed to Finance or faxed to 309-495-4608.
  • To become a vendor for Peoria County, you must fill out a vendor application form (PDF) and comply with all requirements. View the Become a Vendor Brochure (PDF).

No verbal discussion of an open bid is allowed by any county employee, elected official, or board member. Provision has been made through the Purchasing Ordinance (PDF) for complaints to be addressed to the County Administrator.


Information that is electronically available will be posted as part of the specifications for some bids/RFPs. A notation will be made in the comments section which will indicate whether or not all data can be downloaded. When all data is not available through the download, it will be so noted and will be the responsibility of the vendor to obtain additional data through the Finance Department or by following alternative directions. Although some specifications will be available to download, vendors do not have the right to receive all information electronically through the Internet. Some information will still be available only by non-electronic means. Vendors that download specifications and do not register with the Finance Department for that specific bid/RFP waive the right to receive further addenda from the Finance Department on that specific bid/RFP.


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