About Us

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Peoria County Sheriff's Office is to work in partnership with the community, to improve the quality of life by reducing the fear and incidence of crime, to recognize and resolve problems, and to fulfill the law enforcement needs of the citizens of Peoria County, Illinois.


The Peoria County Sheriff's Office serves a population of approximately 183,433 people that live in a 629 square mile area located in the middle of Central Illinois along the banks of the Illinois River. Our County has four cities and eleven villages located within its boundaries, with 315 miles of County roads, 674 miles of Township roads, and 266 miles of State and Federal roads connecting them. The County elected its first Sheriff in 1825.

Our first Jail was built in 1834; the second in 1849; and the third in 1869; the fourth in 1913; and our present facility opened in 1985. An addition was added in August of 1999 that included 144 more beds, a new sallyport and crime lab.

FY 2017 Operating Budget

  • $15.7 million


  • Full Time: 165
  • Part-time: 24

Obtaining Information

Information may be obtained in person, or by mail, find contact information for the Sheriff's Office. Freedom of Information request forms are available at the Sheriff's Office.

Freedom of Information Officers


  • First 50 pages: free; after 50 pages: $0.15 per page
  • CD of photos: free
  • Traffic Accidents Reports: $5
  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction Reports: $20 

Accidents Reports

Accidents reports may also be obtained online.