Joint Advisory Committee

Regular Meetings

  • Meets as needed


  • James Dillon
  • James Fennell
  • Andrew Rand
  • Jerry Brady, State's Attorney
  • Thomas Bride, Election Commission
  • Elizabeth Derry, Regional Office of Education Superintendent
  • Jamie Harwood, Coroner
  • Steve Sonnemaker, County Clerk
  • Robert Spears, Circuit Clerk
  • Circuit Clerk

Committee Overview & Responsibilities

The Joint Advisory Committee is intended to promote collaboration and communication concerning finances and governance among the County Board, Countywide elected officials, the Circuit Court of Peoria County, and representatives of certain independent boards affiliated with Peoria County. The Joint Advisory Committee shall report to the Executive Committee.  

The Joint Advisory Committee is comprised of the following members: 

  • Board Members appointed by the Board Chairperson with the consent of the County Board
  • Countywide elected officials (Auditor, County Clerk, Circuit Clerk, State’s Attorney, Sheriff, Coroner, Treasurer, and Regional Superintendent)
  • Chief Circuit Judge of the 10th Judicial Circuit
  • Public Health Administrator
  • Executive Director of the Peoria County Election Commission

Reports to: Executive Committee