Supervisor of Assessments


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 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m

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Dave Ryan

Supervisor of Assessments

The mission of the Peoria County Supervisor of Assessment’s Office is to provide the public with top quality services by helping the public access information and understand the property assessment process. The Supervisor of Assessment’s Office applies the property tax law with integrity, efficiency and fairness.

The Peoria County Supervisor of Assessment’s Office continually strives to be the lead property assessment agency in Illinois by working creatively through utilizing technology and serving the public in a courteous, professional and transparent manner. Customer service is our top priority, so please feel free to email and let me know how we are doing.

FY 2019 Budget: $647,530 

2019 Quadrennial reassessment is here

Schedule of the quadrennial reassessment

Please note 2019 is quadrennial reassessment where all properties are revalued.

FOIA Officers:

Colleen Whalen
Kristie Bigliazzi

East Building