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             Notice is hereby given pursuant to section 10-120 of the Illinois Property Tax Code (35ILCS200/10-120) that the Peoria County Farmland Assessment Review Committee, received from the Illinois Department of Revenue certification of the proposed equalized assessed value per acre of harvested cropland by soil productivity index as calculated by the Illinois Department of Revenue. A certification of the proposed average equalized assessed value per acre of cropland for Peoria County as weighted by the distribution of soils by productivity index in Peoria County and the proposed average equalized assessed value per acre of all farmland in Peoria County as required by the Property Tax Code.

             Notice is hereby given to you that the Peoria County Farmland Assessment Review Committee will meet at 6:30 P.M. on Thursday, July 8th at the Peoria County Farm Bureau Building, 1716 North University Street, Peoria, Illinois. Committee members will receive public input as to the equalized assessed values of farmland as proposed by the Peoria County Supervisor of Assessments and the implementations of the proposed procedures to be utilized in implementing Section 10-120 of the Property Tax Code and the equalized assessed valuations by productivity index to be used in Peoria County for the 2022 assessment year.           

You may appear and present testimony or evidence concerning these issues at the aforementioned time and place.

Local Farmland Assessment Review Committee Members:
David E. Ryan, Supervisor of Assessments
Greg Fletcher, Board of Review of Assessments, Peoria County
Ben Vonk, Member
Gary Rosenbohm, Member
Larry Baer, Member

Understanding Farmland Assessment Law

Supervisor of Assessments

The mission of the Peoria County Supervisor of Assessment’s Office is to provide the public with top quality services by helping the public access information and understand the property assessment process. The Supervisor of Assessment’s Office applies the property tax law with integrity, efficiency and fairness.

The Peoria County Supervisor of Assessment’s Office continually strives to be the lead property assessment agency in Illinois by working creatively through utilizing technology and serving the public in a courteous, professional and transparent manner. Customer service is our top priority, so please feel free to email and let me know how we are doing.

Dave Ryan
Supervisor of Assessments
Peoria County

Main Phone #: 309-672-6910

FY 2021 Budget:               $537,925

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