Front Desk Application

As part of the assessment complaint process, you’ll need some specific information and supporting evidence to file your complaint including comparable sales, comparable assessments and photographs. While you may have a variety of methods to obtain this information, your Peoria County Supervisor of Assessments and the Peoria County Board of Review want you to have a one-stop, convenient, timely and most importantly, free source for that information. To meet your needs for comparable sales and assessment information, Peoria County has created an Assessment Front Desk Application. The application is based on the County’s geographic information system, a system that ties data to map-based information. If you’ve used any of the popular Internet map systems (like Googlemaps or MapQuest), you’re probably already familiar with the basic idea.

Using the System

  1. Using your Internet connection and Internet browser, navigate to the Peoria Geographic Information System (GIS) website
  2. After reading the disclaimer, click the Parcel Search Tab.
  3. Type in the address of your property (the street number and street name are generally enough).
  4. The system will return an overhead view of your property and a page of property characteristic particular to your property.
  5. Select the sales search link on the left to bring up your preset statistics that will most closely match your property.
  6. Then select search at the bottom, which will display a series of similar properties in your area and their values.

Please remember, it’s rare that any house will exactly match yours; assessment professionals are specifically trained to assess value in a way that takes these differences into account.


Complete help and directions for using the Assessment Front Desk system are available in the Assessment Front Desk Training Guide (PDF). If you feel uncomfortable with using the system but would like the information, your Supervisor of Assessments personnel can walk you through the process here at the Courthouse