Letter From the Chairman

The Peoria County Board has established a committee for the purpose of planning and raising funds for the construction of a final Veterans Memorial on the courthouse plaza. Our committee's intent is to construct a fitting memorial in honor of Peoria County's Veterans of the Korean War to the present, as well as any possible future conflicts. This memorial will honor all Peoria County Veterans who have served in the U.S. Military during the Korean War, Vietnam War, Grenada, Panama, Persian Gulf, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and the War on Terrorism. In addition, this memorial will honor the 106 Peoria County Veterans who lost their lives in Korea and Vietnam by listing their names on the memorial panels.

This project, which will complete Peoria County's Final Salute to all of her Veterans on the Courthouse Plaza, cannot be completed without the financial support of Peoria area businesses, local governments and citizens. We know from our community's past support of the Peoria County World Wars I and II Memorial Project that you believe, as we do, that Peoria cannot forget the sacrifices of our veterans. Therefore, I am submitting for your consideration a request for a financial commitment for this worthwhile project. Our goal is to raise $500,000, which will enable us to complete this project next year.

Peoria County shall use all contributions for the restrictive purpose of the costs related to planning, designing, constructing, dedicating and maintaining a final Veterans Memorial on the Peoria County Courthouse Grounds to honor Peoria County Veterans who served in the U.S. Military from Korea to the present, as well as any future conflicts.

We appreciate the overwhelming support that the Peoria Area gave us during Peoria County's efforts in establishing a fitting memorial to honor Peoria's Veterans of World Wars I and II and trust that you will assist us once again in completing our task to honor all Peoria County Veterans in the Heart of Peoria. As a Platinum Patriot Contributor (please see contribution categories), your support will be acknowledged on a marker adjacent to the memorial.

I will be happy to attend any meetings in order to answer any questions you or your group may have.


R. Steve Sonnemaker, General Chairman

Peoria County Veterans' Memorial Committee

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Peoria County Veterans Memorial Project