Bonding Out

Bond Amounts

Bond amounts are subject to change pending court appearance on view charges.  When posting a bond you must provide a valid form of identification -State drivers license or ID, Valid Military ID, Passport with photo

Jail Fees

The jail bonding fee is currently $60 for processing for each case.

Warrant Fees

Some warrants are subject to a state failure to appear fee of $75 for each warrant.

Credit Card Bonds

There is a 7% Court Money processing fee when using a credit card to post a bond.

Bonds Over the Phone

Inmate bond information will be given to the caller to complete the bonds over the phone. The bonding tech will then use this information to complete the bonding process over the phone with Court Money. Once the bond is processed Court Money will then fax a receipt to the bonding tech to then complete the release.

Applying Surety to the Bond

If you would like to receive a return of your bond money (minus any court cost or fees) you will need to fill out a surety form at the time the bond is being posted. If this form is not complete and added to the bond, any returned bond money will be mailed to the inmates last known address.

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