Peoria County Road Referendum

At the June 14, 2018 Peoria County Board Meeting, board members voted to include a referendum on the November 6, 2018 ballot to address the needs of our road network. Specifically, it is called a Special Retailer's Occupation Sales Tax for Transportation.

Public Meetings

Voters are invited to attend one of the four public meetings, where staff will present information on the referendum. Please note, Peoria County staff are not allowed to advocate for or against the referendum; they may only educate. 

All meetings begin at 6 pm.

  • Monday, October 8 at Alpha Park Library, 3527 S Airport Rd, Bartonville
    Hosted by District 18 Peoria County Board Member Paul Rosenbohm
  • Tuesday, October 9 at Northwoods Community Church, 10700 N Allen Rd, Peoria
  • Thursday, October 25 at Chillicothe Public Library District, 430 N Bradley Ave, Chillicothe
    Hosted by District 13 Peoria County Board Member James Fennell
  • Monday, October 29 at St. Philomena’s Catholic Church, 1000 W Albany Ave, Peoria
    Hosted by District 6 Peoria County Board Member G. Allen Mayer

Public Meeting Presentation Slides

What does the referendum state?Lancaster Road (JPG)

On the ballot it will appear as written below:

To pay for road improvements and other transportation purposes, shall Peoria County be authorized to impose an increase on its share of local sales taxes by 1/2% for a period not to exceed 12 years? This would mean that a consumer would pay an additional 50¢ in sales tax for every $100 of tangible personal property bought at retail. If imposed, the additional tax would cease being collected at the end of 12 years, if not terminated earlier by a vote of the county board.

Why did the Peoria County Board vote to put this on the ballot?

The maintenance and project needs of Peoria County roads exceed its current share of Motor Fuel Tax and County Highway Budget. This tax would provide additional funding to repair certain roads currently owned by the County. Peoria County has estimated our total road network need at $191 million. The annual budget of the Peoria County Highway Department for road improvement is around $3 million.

Discussion by board members:

Watch or listen to the July 14, 2018 board meeting discussion

Read the minutes of the July 14, 2018 board meeting (PDF)

Additional discussions were held at the April 24 and May 22 Executive Committees.

What purchases would this affect?Trivoli Road and Bridge (JPG)

If the referendum passes, a 1/2% sales tax would be added to goods sold in Peoria County. The tax would NOT be applied to prescription drugs, groceries, or titled goods (cars, boats, etc). For example, if you purchased a pair of shoes for $100, you would pay an additional $.50 in tax.

What will the money raised be used for?

By State of Illinois statute, the additional sales tax revenue may only be used for road improvements and other transportation purposes (i.e. bridges). The Peoria County Board is specifically putting this on the ballot to address road improvements. It may not be used for equipment purchases, general operations or other, non-transportation, purposes. 

Peoria County has estimated the total road network need of 36 projects at a cost of $191 million. If the referendum passes, the sales tax would generate approximately $81.5 million over the 12 years. Not all 36 projects are capable of being funded. 

The Peoria County Board has prioritized roads that will be addressed if the referendum passes. Specifically, Peoria County would fund the projects by first issuing bonds. On the map below these are listed as "debt." These would be the first 12 projects to be completed. Then, the final 5 projects will follow with a pay-as-you-go structure. The sales tax collected would be used to then pay back the bonds, and remaining money would pay for the final 5 projects as it comes in.

Referendum Road Map 2018

Road NameProject TerminiProject Description
Lake StreetSheridan to KnoxvilleReconstruction Roadway
Cameron LaneIL 116 to US 24Structural Overlay and Paved Shoulders
Gale AvenueForrest Hill to SterlingReconstruction Roadway
Radnor RoadWillow Knolls to Alta LaneReconstruction Roadway
Koerner RoadCharter Oak to US 150Structural Overlay and Paved Shoulders
Maxwell Road/Middle RoadFauber to Middle Road to Dirksen ParkwayReconstruct Roadway
Sheridan RoadNorthmoor to GlenReconstruct Roadway
Willow Knolls RoadUniversity St to Allen RoadReconstruct Roadway
Old Galena RoadIL 29 to Boy Scout RoadReconstruct Roadway
Trigger RoadUS 150 to Grange Hall RoadStructural Overlay and Paved Shoulders
Grange Hall RoadPrinceville Jubilee to IL 91Structural Overlay and Paved Shoulders
Swords HillFarmington Road to Rohmann AveReconstruct Road and Rehabilitate Bridge

Taylor RoadIL 116 to IL Route 8Structural Overlay and Paved Shoulders
Truitt RoadRoute 40 to Chillicothe City LimitsStructural Overlay and Paved Shoulders
Akron RoadPrinceville Jubilee to IL 40Structural Overlay and Paved Shoulders
Park RoadFarmington Road to NebraskaMill and Overlay
Sterling AveMLK Drive to Manor ParkwayReconstruct Roadway

Full Description of Proposed Road Improvement Plan (PDF)

How many miles of roads does Peoria County maintain?

The Peoria County Highway Department maintains a network of 315 mile of road. The annual budget for road replacement and maintenance is approximately $3 million. 

The department analyzes its roads utilizing the pavement condition index (PCI). The most current data available is from 2016, and the network had a substandard 53.9 out of a possible 100 points with approximately 38% of the network needing life cycle replacement or substantial pavement restoration.

Why are some County roads still inside incorporated cities?

As cities grow, Illinois law requires them to take ownership of township roads that they encompass. However, they are not required to take ownership of county roads. The City of Peoria has a long-standing intergovernmental agreement that allows the County of Peoria to transfer roads once they are brought up to a certain standard. If the referendum passes, the proposed projects inside the City of Peoria would transfer to the City of Peoria once the project is complete.

What if I have more questions?

Please email us at with your question and we'll endeavor to get you an answer as quickly as possible.