Is there any way I can keep a traffic ticket off my record?

Yes. Under certain circumstances a traffic ticket can be kept off a drivers driving record through Court Supervision. Court Supervision means the court will withhold entering a judgment of conviction on the traffic charge and impose certain conditions the driver must meet to satisfy the Court Supervision. Terms usually include paying a fine, attending a driver improvement course and receiving no new traffic charges in a specified period of time. If the driver meets the conditions, the court will then dismiss the charge at the end of the supervision period and the charge will not go on the drivers permanent driving record. Not all charges can be settled though court supervision, either by law or by our office policy. Court supervision is not a right or entitlement but is a sentence which may be imposed on a driver. If you want the court to consider court supervision on your case, inform the Assistant States Attorney at your first court appearance or inform the Circuit Clerks Office if your case does not require a court appearance.

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