What happens if I am financially unable to pay my real estate taxes when they are due?

Failure to pay your taxes will allow them  to be sold at the annual tax sale in November. After the sale takes  place, additional penalties, interest (as much as 36% per year) and  costs are added to the amount necessary to redeem your taxes through the County Clerks office. The state statutes control the legal  responsibilities of the taxpayer and tax buyer. It is important to  understand that at the tax sale your property is not being sold, only  your delinquent taxes. In the event your taxes are sold, you will  receive certified notice under the statute as to what actions you need to take.  If you do not redeem your taxes in full at the end of the redemption  period (usually 2-1/2 years), the tax buyer can actually acquire legal  title to your property at that time.

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